NHS continuing healthcare - adults

NHS funded nursing care

If you do not qualify for NHS continuing healthcare and are living in a care home where there is nursing care, you may still be entitled to a contribution from the NHS to meeting the nursing element of your care.  

This is called NHS funded nursing care (FNC) and is available for people who need to have a registered nurse involved in their care. Being a resident in a care home with nursing does not automatically make you eligible for funded nursing care.  

If you receive FNC, it will be paid to the care home directly. It will fund care that is provided, supervised, or planned by registered nurses that are employed by the care home. If you are self-funding your care at the nursing home, your care home fees should show what you are paying for healthcare. 

Please talk to the manager of your home to discuss how funded nursing care affects your fees. If your placement is funded by adult social care, the funded nursing care payment forms part of the fees paid to the care home and does not affect or change any contribution from your pension or third party top up fees.