How to be involved with the work of the ICB

How you can be part of shaping services and decisions

It is important for us to understand things from the viewpoint of patients and their carers and hear about what matters to them. We invite patients and the public to be involved and engaged in different aspects of our work.

Involvement and engagement framework
We want to tackle health inequalities and improve health and care by putting people and communities at the heart of the decisions we take, and have produced a new approach to involving our area’s members of the public, patients and stakeholders.

It covers the different ways people and communities should expect to influence decision-making about designing, procuring and monitoring NHS services, and how to give feedback and ideas. This includes within the ICB’s committee structure, right through to community and neighbourhood engagement to learn from and support those facing the hardest health and care challenges. You can read the Involvement and Engagement Framework here.

Quality improvement and assurance
We invite patients and carers to be part of quality assurance visits to sites where services are provided. This means they can bring their own experience to help improve quality of care for patients, families and carers.   

Service development, design and procurement
We involve and get feedback from patients and carers when we are designing, developing and procuring new services. This could include inviting some patient representatives to join a working group or arranging engagement sessions with a larger group of people to go over plans and ask for patient and public feedback. 

Meetings and decision-making
Important decisions made by the ICB will be made during meetings that are open to the public. People can make written or verbal representations about particular matters that are being discussed at these meetings and observe the meetings. In this way you will be able to give your views as part of the decisions we make, hold us to account and scrutinise discussions and decisions.

Go to our governance section to find out more about meetings and decision making