How to be involved with the work of the ICB

Patient participation groups

Most GP surgeries have a patient participation group (PPG). This is a group of people who are registered with a GP practice and who have volunteered to work with the practice to represent patients. This usually includes feeding back patient experience to help the practice improve the ways they do things and also providing a link between the practice and the patients.

PPG roles can include:

  • making sure the practice is meeting the needs of patients with long-term conditions, such as cancer and diabetes
  • helping patients use digital technology to manage their health appointments
  • promoting surveys and helping practices with their feedback and improvement work
  • telling patients about changes to services so that people know how to access treatment in a different way.

PPG members have also been involved in helping out at COVID-19 vaccination clinics.

Most PPGs meet regularly, some online, and are supported by the Integrated Care Board’s primary care and engagement teams so they can keep developing.

You can usually find information about patient participation groups on your GP surgery website and on information boards in your GP surgery reception area.

Contact your practice directly if you would like to join its PPG or you can email the ICB Engagement team and we will put you in touch.

If you want to read more about PPGs, visit: The National Association for Patient Participation (NAPP).