Support for carers

If you provide help to a family member, friend or neighbour who would otherwise not be able to manage without your support, whatever your age, you are an unpaid carer. The person you care for may have a physical or learning disability, dementia or mental health problems, misuse drugs or alcohol, or be ill or frail.  

If you’re a carer, registering your responsibilities with your GP can help you get support you might need. This could benefit your own health, and that of the person you care for.  

It's never too late to identify yourself as a carer on your health records. To let your GP practice know, first check their website – there might be a form you need to complete, or specific guidance for you to follow. Otherwise, you can call reception or speak to a health professional at your next appointment at the surgery.  

There’s other support available for carers too. The NHS website has information about what is available nationally, with more local information on the following pages.