Support for carers

Carers living in west Essex

If you’re a carer living in west Essex, Essex County Council has lots of information and support. You can ask for carers assessment to identify what they can do to support you.  

Essex County Council work with Carers First to provide carers with practical information and support for carers aged 18 and above. Find out more about Carers First or register as a carer with them

Young carers aged under 18 in Essex can receive support and advice from Essex Youth Service. Find out more about what help the service can offer and register as a young carer on the Youth Service website. Alternatively, you could send them an email

The council also works with Action for Family Carers which offer free counselling for unpaid family carers in Essex. To find out more, visit the Action for Family Carers website, call 03007 708090 or send them an email

For other health and wellbeing advice, find out how local social prescribing services might be able to help.