Community vasectomy service

We provide vasectomies on the NHS for Hertfordshire and west Essex patients aged 18 and over. These are provided in community clinics and GP surgeries, depending on where you live.  

Vasectomy is a permanent form of contraception. It is a surgical procedure to seal off the two tubes that carry sperm from the testicles to the penis, making the patient sterile. Most vasectomies are ‘non scalpel’, sometimes known as ‘keyhole vasectomies. This vasectomy procedure is a popular, reliable and straightforward method of permanent contraception, which does not require an overnight stay in hospital. All men seeking a vasectomy must be fully assessed and counselled to make sure this is the right procedure for them and that they fully consent. 

If you are considering a vasectomy, make an appointment with your GP to discuss your options in more detail. In most cases your GP will need to refer you into the service.  

There are different services providing vasectomies depending on where you live.