Staying warm and safe this winter

Published: 2 December 2022

We want to help you stay warm during the chillier months - not only to help prevent illnesses like colds and flu, but more serious health problems like pneumonia and depression. 

The cost-of-living crisis can make keeping warm a worry and a challenge and so access to warm spaces for our communities a priority. 

Libraries in Essex have come together in the Warm Welcomes programme to offer a safe space to keep warm and stay connected with others this winter. The libraries are running extra clubs and activities such as advice sessions, arts and crafts and a homework club. Find out what your local library is doing.

Hertfordshire County Council have an online directory which helps you find libraries, family centres and community spaces offering free, warm spaces. Many of these places are also running activities during the week to meet others, such as stay and play events in family centres for families with young children.   

We also know that people will be digging out hot water bottles to help them stay warm at home. If you are doing the same, do please be on the look-out for potential risks. 

Hot water bottles only last around two years and will need to be replaced to ensure no leaking or cracking. If you're not sure how old your bottle is, you can check.

On the neck or body of the bottle is a daisy wheel with 12 segments. In the middle there will be a number relating to the year it was made, for example 22 meaning it was made in 2022. The 12 segments correspond to the months of the year. You can tell the month it was manufactured from when the dots end. For example, if it has dots in eight segments, it was made in August.

NHS Wales has pulled together some tips to make sure you’re able to stay safe and warm with hot water bottles this winter - find out more about hot water bottle safety.