Support efforts for the Big Catch-up to help ensure children are receiving vital vaccinations

Published: 26 April 2023

This World Immunisation Week, help us remind parents and carers to bring their children forward for vital pre-school vaccines.

Ensuring children receive all their immunisations at the right time plays a crucial role in keeping them safe.

The World Health Organisation leads on the annual event to highlight the role of vaccines to protect people against disease. The theme of this year’s awareness event is 'The Big Catch-up'. It encourages us all to take action to help ensure children who missed out on vaccines during the pandemic get the protection they need.

Immunisations can save a child's life - they are the most effective way to prevent infectious diseases. In the UK, the routine childhood immunisation programme is designed to provide early protection against vaccine-preventable infections from eight weeks of age, with boosters offered at 12 months and before starting primary school. You can find the full schedule for childhood vaccinations on the NHS website.

The NHS website also has lots of extra information explaining why vaccination is safe and important. On it is a video answering some of the frequently asked questions from parents about childhood immunisations.

Play your part this World Immunisation Week and beyond by encouraging parents and carers to contact their GP if their child has missed any vaccinations. Visit the NHS website for more information about the NHS vaccination schedule.