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Help and support with making your complaint

If you need support to make a complaint about NHS services, you can contact the NHS Complaints Advocacy service for your area. Advocacy services offer free, independent, and confidential support about raising concerns and sharing feedback about care provided by the NHS. 

An advocate can talk through the options available to you, help explain the complaints process and what to expect, help you express your views, offer guidance around writing an effective complaint letter and help you to complete forms when raising concerns. 

Information about the NHS Complaints Advocacy Service is available in 27 different languages.


If you live in Hertfordshire the local NHS Complaints Advocacy is provided by POhWER.    

Find out more about the POhWER complaints advocacy service  

If you live in west Essex, the NHS Complaints Advocacy Service is provided by Rethink. 


Telephone: 0300 7900 559

Visit Rethink’s website