Individual funding requests (IFR) for medical treatment

Some treatments are not usually funded by the NHS. However, if an NHS clinician (such as a doctor or other health professional) believes that there are exceptional clinical reasons why you should have an NHS treatment that is not offered other patients with that condition, they can make an Individual Funding Request (IfR) on your behalf. In the application, your clinician will need to explain why your clinical circumstances are different and show all available medical evidence for why they believe you would benefit more from the treatment than other patients with the same condition. This is a purely medical judgement - your personal or social circumstances will not be part of this decision.  

Individual Funding Requests are considered by an independent panel who have not been involved in the patient’s treatment. The panel is made up of doctors, nurses, public health consultants, pharmacists, ICB representatives and lay (non-clinical) people and is led by a lay chair. The panel assesses the request and decides whether the integrated care board should fund the treatment. 

Individual funding requests (IFR) policy, forms and supporting documents