Staffing structure and costs

In line with most other Integrated Care Boards, we are currently going through an organisation wide change process to develop new staffing structures as we continue to complete the changes from three CCGs into one Integrated Care Board. This means that the information contained in the document will change significantly in the months ahead. All information contained within the document is only accurate as of the 6th of Jan 2023.

It should also be noted that the Integrated Care Board does a great deal of work in partnership with partner organisations across Hertfordshire and West Essex.  This can involve providing funding to support posts in those partner organisations, or additional work being done for the Integrated Care System by staff employed and funded by partner organisations.  Only posts ‘hosted’ by Hertfordshire and West Essex ICB are included in this document.

Finally- it should be noted that Hertfordshire and West Essex is the ‘host’ employer of staff that work for HBL ICT- which provides services across a number of healthcare organisations (including a very large number of GP surgeries, a community Trust and a Mental Health Trust) on a not for profit basis. 

HBL ICT Shared Services


HBL ICT Shared Services (HBL ICT) was formed in 2014 as a non-profit making organisation to provide ICT services to four member NHS organisations, these being: Hertfordshire and West Essex ICB; Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes ICB; Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust; Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (originally this was 6 organisations, which was expanded further to included MKCCG and WECCG, then reduced to 4 due to establishment of ICB’s).  HBL ICT operates as a partnership which is founded by four organisational principles:

HBL ICT operates as a partnership which is founded by four organisational principles: Sahred ownership, Shared costs, Shared risks, Shared benefits

As HBL ICT does not have its own legal status it has to be hosted by one of its member organisation.  From its inception, hosting responsibility has been with East & North Herts CCG, which subsequently on 1st July 2022 transferred to the new Herts & West Essex ICB. All legal and statutory obligations for HBL ICT is provided by the host Organisation, this includes staff employment, all financial accounting, corporate governance and direct line management of the Managing Director of HBL ICT, who reports directly into the HWE ICB Board of Directors.  The financial cost of organisational hosting is funding by HBL ICT as an overhead cost to the shared service.

The hosting responsibility is reviewed periodically and can be transferred to any one of the member organisations with agreement from the other organisations.

Organisational Structure

HBL ICT is made up of 113 staff across five functional areas.  All staff are directly employed by HWE ICB as the host organisation.

Hblict organisational structure

Hertfordshire and West Essex ICB organogram